Education is not about just teaching content, the deciding factor would be whether the student was able to grasp it and know how to apply it in life, what good is a prestigious pre-school or college if it does not give children a well-rounded education.

As your kids grow they will not remember what you have told them but they will always remember how they felt at that moment. Never criticize or punish their failure, are they falling behind in a subject while being great at football? Do not make the grave mistake of taking a way football from him, for you it may be just a sport but for him, the whole world! As a parent you can always assist him to catch up on school work but at home, you can never give him the discipline and character building he receives at practise. Agreed that some subjects are graver than the others and you may be not able to help so why not look up a reliable tuition teacher Singapore?

Better yet why not get him a home tutor? Home tuition facilitates the child a secure and familiar atmosphere while moving at a pace he is able to grasp the lesson completely. If ever a doubt occurs he will not be reluctant to speak to his home tutor for clarification because he would not worry about being judged by his peers. If your child, for whatever reason is unable to cope with the curriculum it is advisable to seek help. One must not think of home tuition as an additional to a child’s schedule but a mechanism for guidance. With the many tutoring websites available you now have access to contact many tutors who specialize from subjects ranging from primary subjects to grade school subjects or any other specific requirement you have. By choosing a home tutor with a specified qualification you can control the intensity in which your child will be tutored. i. e if you child’s passion for science in beyond the content of the curriculum you can specifically request a tutor who has majored in science etc.

Every child is a flower of a kind and it is them together that makes this world a beautiful garden, so what if your child is not great in math or cannot name the periodic table from memory, yet!, your job as a parent is not to make them the smartest person, but the greatest and most humane person they can be. Parents are the first contact point to a child and what you say and do is what they grow to believe. Children are great imitators, give them something great to imitate!