Looking like a living doll has become incredibly popular of late, especially now that social media gives a lot of visibility to those with something to say. Looking like a doll may not be on your list of priorities, but it does have a certain appeal, especially for something like a costume party or for Halloween. If you want to recreate that look, here’s what you need to do.

Nail the Face

The feature that needs to be the most doll-like is the face; other parts of the body can easily be faked. For this you will need larger than life eyes, a cute button nose, full lips and glossy cheeks. Here’s now to achieve all of this.

If your eyes are small or medium sized, start off with an eyelash perm in Singapore to make your eyes look bigger. Use eyeliner to line the top lid and a pencil to line the bottom lid. Extend that line towards your nose to make it look fake and drawn on. Then, draw in an artificial line below the lash line and fill in the space with white shimmer eye shadow to make your eye look bigger. Contacts will also help.

Once you have used an eyelash extension and other make up techniques to get the eye right, contour your nose so that the bridge almost disappears and only the tip of the nose remains. This should be highlighted in lighter foundation and highlighter. Remember, the foundation you use has to be matte so that you look like a doll, not a human.

Use a liner to draw a small upper lip and larger, fuller lower lip. Use matte lipstick to fill in the lips and then apply gloss to make them seem fuller. More highlighter on the cheeks and the collar bone will also make you look more doll like.

Round It Up

Find an outfit that looks like it could be on a doll. Wear a short puffy skirt and a frilly top. Accessorize with a hat, bonnet or umbrella. Wear kitten heels or pumps. Remember, cotton candy colours will make the whole thing look artificial and unreal which is what you are going for. To make your arms and legs look slim like a doll’s, use a dark and lighter foundation to contour. Get a manicure and paint your nails with a nude colour and varnish so that they look perfect and slightly unreal. Always stand with your chin held slightly higher than usual, and pose like a doll.