Being a woman is a blessing from god. A woman unlike man goes through different stages in her life both emotionally and physically. Yet most of them make sure they make themselves look good in difficult stages like pregnancy, post pregnancy. There are different ways in which one can keep themselves look trendy at all times some of which have been explained below. 

How to make that bump look good 

Pregnancy really changes one’s life because before reaching this stage one needs to make sure they are financially independent and both physically and emotionally ready to go through this new stage. Usually the baby bump starts appearing between 12 and 16 weeks. But this varies from body to body. For some it starts during their first trimester and for others it takes time. In order to keep baby bump stylish one could buy clothes which compliments it. Women who don’t gain weight during their pregnancy opt for a tight dresses which shows their baby bump others could still look good as there are many stylish maternity wear which make pregnancy look beautiful. The hairstyle could vary with their outfit. Suppose one wants a look for a night out they could opt for a high bun. Women usually go through several mood swings during this period. Some hate applying makeup during this phase and if that is the case they could avoid everything and go for a bright lipstick which would upgrade the look. This would also make it look like one has spent hours on dressing themselves up. Towards the end of pregnancy when the bump gets bigger one could opt for looser clothes such as palazzo pants with an oversized shirt. 

How to make motherhood look good 

After spending hours in the labour room withstanding pain or feeling the stitches of caesarean delivery, nobody cares how they look. It takes time for a mother to settle down once they give birth to work on their looks. Breastfeeding can be very painful and the last thing one would want to do is wear a tight top which makes it hard to feed the baby. During this phase one should wear comfortable clothes like nursing blouse which not only looks good but also make it easier for both the baby and the mother.  

If new mother needs to go out for things like doctor’s appointment she could pair up a tee shirt or a blouse with some high waist loose paints or palazzo. Even the ones who don’t gain weight post-partum should avoid wearing tight clothes as this will make the baby uncomfortable and breast feeding more painful. 

These simple things would just make this stage in one’s life more beautiful.