With the tropical base of the country and it is a closed economy till recent times, one might find it a surprise if they come across a region in this country that has a European flavor to offer in terms of the food and drinks as well as certain experiences that are to be found here. The Ayuthaya region in the Shan state of the country offers such experiences to the tourists.

Vineyards in Myanmar

If you thought that the concept of vineyards in Myanmar is an alien thought, you would be surprised to find a thriving vineyard run here by a German entrepreneur since 1999. If you wish to purchase or buy French wine in Myanmar with local flavors you will find it here. Indeed, many who have visited this vineyard have compared the experience with Napa Valley in California. As you will hear it from the mouth of the owner himself, the vineyard was a novel venture that he started here amidst a lot of obstacles. However, he was convinced that the region was ideal for growing grapes as it received about 150 days of sunshine. Being someone from a family business of selling wines in Europe, he took a bold step to set up the vineyard amidst political obstacles and for a population that hardly drank wine.

What to expect here?

Tourists who visit the Ayuthaya wine estate find rolling hills and acres of grape plantations that provide a scenic surrounding. There are open spaces in the gardens where one can savor the locally grown and produced wines of different varieties. Indeed, it took about five years for wine to be produced here, especially wine wholesale. Indeed, as the owner also confesses, the wine gets better over the years. Today the estate sells about 300,000 bottles of it which are sold mostly to the local markets and to tourists. If you are interested about red wine you can visit this website http://marcoscellar.com.mm/.

If you have visited this region or fancy tasting the wines that are produced locally in the Ayuthaya region of Myanmar, you will have several varieties to choose from. There is a red that is cultivated from Shiraz grapes while there are Sauvignon or Chenin Blanc blends, a rose and dessert wine varieties to savor as well. One need not fret about how to source such wines as today; many online wine stores make the Myanmar wines available to outsiders as well. You can order in a wine of your choice and get it shipped and delivered to your address, allowing you to savor the flavors of a wine grown in this tropical country.