Asians tend to have one type of a beauty that no other type of people in the world have. The bottom-line is that, their unique facial structure have always imparted a big effect on the definitions of beauty. One of the most iconic features of the Asian community is their eyes. The formation of their eyes has such a special anatomy such that sometimes you can’t figure out how they even provide a good vision. But there are common eye-related issues amongst Asians.

Here are 3 of them.

    • Poor opening of the eyes

Have you noticed how it’s almost like they can’t see when they smile? This is typically due to the unusual covering of the eyes. Being a genetic feature for the Asians, it can be surgically fixed. But then again, the people have been used to it so much that they don’t see it as a problem or even the need of getting it fixed. But the truth is that, it is a condition that could bring perilous consequences if it was in extremely unfavorable levels.

    • Upper eyelids being dropped low

There is a condition amongst the Asians where when the eyebrow is raised, the upper eyelid would drop down, although it is supposed to go up. This gives such a sleepy look that ruins a bright face. The bad thing about this condition is that, it could happen to one eye or the both. The only way to fix this is the ptosis surgery. Being caused by an earlier anatomic deficiency in the levator muscle complex, the outcome will only be perfect as long as your surgeon is talented. Because it either can be fixed or simply covered up.

    • The creaseless eyelids

The harmful effects of creaseless eyelids are both serious and not so much. Being one very common occurrence amongst females, it can make the application of making up harder for starters. It also tends to accumulate fat and oils when there is no crease. Furthermore, the vision will be hindered and there will be a default sleepiness in the eyes. While double eyelid surgery is the answer for this, it also works for the previous condition too. This clinical procedure is supposed to be quite efficient as long as it is performed by a licensed doctor.

There are several other unique conditions for Asians and the bottom-line is that they are easy to be dealt with as long as there is good medical attention. That way, the conditions will be fixed in a way where it will look like it was never there.